Marabu's Enviromental Policy - 9 Guiding Principles

In our day-to-day operations, we often have to make compromises in order to achieve short-term goals. Yet our long-term objective is clear: to protect and conserve our natural environment and its essential resources – air, water and soil. In the interests of future generations, we cannot afford a “profit at any price” attitude.

1. We accept our responsibility for safety and environmental protection, as a company in the chemical industry. All our employees comply with relevant national and international legislation and principles of environmental law.

2. We voluntarily abstain from using highly toxic or hazardous substances. Wherever possible, we use less harmful substitutes.

3. We develop cutting-edge products geared to reducing emissions in production and processing.

4. Responsible, moderate consumption of natural resources such as energy and raw materials is a given for Marabu. We prioritise the use of renewables.

5. Corporate social responsibility, including environmental protection, is an integral part of our business philosophy and practices.

6. We strive to continuously improve our environmental management and environmental performance.

7. We invest in state-of-the-art plants and equipment even in uncertain market conditions on an ongoing basis.

8. We participate in and pro-actively contribute to chemical industry associations on quality, health and safety and environmental protection issues. For Marabu, this is a key element of our comprehensive commitment to our employees and the environment.

9. We expect suppliers to meet the same high standards that we impose on ourselves.