Marabu Enviromental Report

Marabu combines business success with environmental protection, safety, and social responsibility. Avoiding the use of regulated materials and developing user-friendly, low-emission products has long been a top priority. Our corporate environmental philosophy is firmly integrated within the economic process and actively lived by all Marabu employees up to the management board.

There are two versions of the "Marabu Environmental Report", one version is about Marabu Printing Inks (Tamm site) and the other one is about Marabu Creative Colours (Bietigheim-Bissingen site). Both current versions of the “Environmental Report” complete the first edition of 2010 and summarize all the important approaches and results. Our products’ carbon footprints (PCF) are a key gauge of our environmental performance and there are also in the interests of our customers.


Marabu has implemented a number of projects to promote sustainable use of feedstocks, utilities and other materials, as well as energy, which are outlined in the Enviromental Reports. For more details please take a look at the reports.


Our current environmental reports for Marabu Printing Inks and Marabu Creative Colours are available as a download or can be shown below:

Marabu Environmental Report 2013
Tamm Site, Printing Inks

Marabu Environmental Report 2014
Bietigheim-Bissingen Site, Creative Colours

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Creative Colours